Denial of unauthorized collection of e-mails

  • Please refrain from collecting unauthorized e-mail addresses posted on this website using an e-mail collecting program or other technical devices, and in case of violation, criminal penalties will be imposed under the Information and Communications Network Act.

    [Posted on December 27, 2017]

    * Anyone who illegally collects, sells, distributes or uses e-mail using a technical device shall be fined less than 10 million won under Article 50-2 of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

    Article 50 (2) of the Information and Communications Network Act

    * No one should collect an e-mail address using a program or other technical device that automatically collects an e-mail address from an Internet home page that stated their intention to deny the collection of e-mail addresses.

    * No person shall sell or distribute e-mail addresses collected in violation of the provisions of section 1.

    * No one shall use it for the transmission of information, knowing that E-mail address for which collection, sale or distribution is prohibited under the provisions of section 1 and 2.