• Study Korean 홈페이지

    - You can review Korean language contents, Korean culture(K-dramas, children’s songs, animations), and historical(Korean history, immigration history) contents that are created for overseas Koreans. There are various teaching materials for teachers as well.

  • Information about studying in Korea 홈페이지

    - You can take a glance of useful information about studying abroad in South Korea from here. There are detailed information of about 450 universities, and information about scholarships offered by the government, businesses, and universities.

  • Urimalsaem 홈페이지

    This is a daily language Korean dictionary that anyone can edit. The database contains information on Korean words, language and culture.

  • Korean to Foreign Language Dictionary by the National Institute of Korean Language 홈페이지

    This dictionary contains translated versions of the Basic Korean Dictionary in Russian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai and French.

  • Basic Korean Dictionary 홈페이지

    This dictionary contains over 50,000 basic Korean vocabulary and other information pertaining to Korean language education. The database also contains dictionary definitions and sample sentences.