About King Sejong Institute Foundation and System

King Sejong Institute Foundation

creates a world where everyone dreams of Korean language and culture.

King Sejong Institute Foundation is public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, established to manage Korean language education abroad and the distribution of Korean culture.

We are trying to inform foreigners about Korean language and culture, and to make foreigners' interest in Korea grow into understanding and love for Korea.

Established in accordance with Article 19(2) of the Basic Law of the Korean Language

Establishment Background

  • Increase in demand for Korean language and culture

    Increased demand for Korean language and culture due to the spread of Korean Wave through K-content, expansion of Korean companies into overseas market, enforcement of Employment Permit System.

  • Promoting representative brands to manage Korean language education

    Systematically managing and supporting 'King Sejong Institute', a Korean language and culture dissemination organization, and the need for professional brands to represent Korean language education institutions

  • Raising the status of the nation

    Enhancement of national status through international expansion of Korean language and culture as a representative brand for distributing Korean language and culture abroad

Major Services

  • Supporting the designation and operation of King Sejong Institute around the world to distribute Korean language and culture

  • Development and operation of 'Nuri-Sejong Hakdang', a website to learn Korean language and culture online

  • Dissemination of standardized Korean language course and materials of King Sejong Institute

  • Dispatch of Korean language teachers and management of curriculum to enhance the professionalism of teachers

  • Supporting programs for disseminating Korean culture and Dispatch of cultural personnel

  • Other necessary servicesfor the dissemination of Korean language and culture